Hi, I am Peter from Austria and hopefully you enjoy my Travel and Recipe blogs in the Forum.

Join me on my adventures in these uncertain days during the covid-19 pandemic.

Travelling at the moment is a little pain due all the restrictions from covid but hopefully in 2022 restrictions are easing off and people can hit the road again.

What is nicer than feeling the wind, seeing new things, meet new people on your travel and be out there?

What I Love

I love the freedom of riding a bike at any weather. It does not matter if sunshine or rain, I still enjoy it every time.

Maybe some will say I am nuts or mad, hell yea… I am sure you are right, looking at some of the road users out there. Riders must be mad to survive. 

More about me

Like I said, I am from Austria and no youngster anymore 🙂

During my live-time, I have travelled the world, and been on 6 continents and visited many countries over the years.

Austria I left in my early 20’s and since then I been all over the place. However my heart still is in Austria.

As I left Austria I walked for 6 month from Austria to Italy then the former Yugoslavia, Greece, Türkey all the way down to Cypress. In these 6 month I I travelled a few thousend kilometers and 1 or 2 pairs of shoes where used up.

In the end I finished off in Australia and stayed there for a few years. Great place and I had a fantastic time there. 


My Younger Years

In my younger years I had many different bikes and drove any thing where I could get my hands on.

Overall I had bikes from 50cc up to 1600cc from self-build once out of various part up to street, enduro, motocross and cruiser bikes.

I drove models in my live-time, ranging from Yamaha (street), Kawasaki (street), Honda (travel), KTM (motocross), Harley (cruiser), Bultaco (trail) and a few other once.

But as Austrian, there is really only one bike to have, it is KTM. The sound of it and also that engine noise, it is all part of the fun riding a KTM.

This is also a reason why i went for a KTM again, I love em with all their nooks and crannies.

My Work Years

Work wise I done many things so far, so jack of all trades and master of none? Who knows…

However I learned in the food trade and I sitill have that passion of making sausages when ever I can, there is something different of making your own.

Otherwise I am working in IT at the moment and have also been a few years in the Army in Austria.

Last Words

Hope you enjoy my blogs and videos and if you do please show your support by subscribing to my channel or support me during my travels.

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